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           Our Driftwaters Pet Policy
We welcome well-behaved pets at our facility and have implemented  a few "pet" rules for pet owners to follow so everyone (including their pet) can have an enjoyable time.
All pets must be on leash at all times.
No pets are allowed on cabin beds or sofas, please provide their favorite bed or pillow on the floor.  Our maximum is 2 pets allowed in cabins.  If a pet has been in the water, please dry off before allowing in cabins.  We have pet towels available at the office for  your use.
There are 2 special pet areas that you may take your pet for excercise and potty.  Plastic Bags are provided at these areas so please clean up after your pet!!!!!  Note:  for the health and welfare  of all pets and their owners, this rule must be strictly adhered to.  In 2017 there will be a fenced pet park constructed for your pets enjoyment complete with swimming pool!
Do not leave pet alone in the cabins.  This may cause excessive barking that will disturb other guests as well as be traumatic for your pet.
Driftwaters Resort has the right to expell any unruly pet (plus owner) from premises due to numerous complaints, viciousness, or pet damage. 
We love pets here at Driftwaters Resortand feel confident that these few rules will make everyone's stay here enjoyable.
pets welcome
pets welcome     
In Memoriam:   Squirt   09/11/1998 to 08/20/2013
Man's Best Friend
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